Foreign Mission


Frederick S. Anthony


Old Saint Paul Church

504 South 8th Street/P.O. Box 1116

West Memphis, AR 72301-03

Phone:  870-735-0941



  • "CMBSC Foreign Mission Board thank you for your support --- please continue to help us help others." 

  • "Words cannot express my gratitude to the mission team that is currently in place:  Rev. Carlos Wilson, Rev. J. Y. Williams, Dr. Frederick Anthony, and Rev. Collins Pettaway. This team has made it possible to generate nearly $30,000 since November, including funds to dig 9 of the 10 wells promised in 2016.  Arkansas is leading the way with four wells. "  --Deacon Charlie Richmond, Jr. Foreign Mission Director – Southwest Region, NBC, USA, Inc. --  

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The Foreign Mission Board needs you support to help us reach our financial portion of Malawi’s 2017 annual budget of $89,610.00. Therefore, we are asking Pastors, Churches, District Associations, CMBSC members and friends to do the following things:· Make monthly contributions to the CMBSC Foreign Mission Board as led by the Holy Spirit.Suggested Amounts:

  • Pastors: $25.00 or more
  • Churches: $50.00 or more
  • District Associations $75.00 or more
  • CMBSC Members & Friends: $15.00 or more
  • Bring a liberal donation for Foreign Mission to each of the CMBSC sessions.
  • Ask Pastors to receive donations for Foreign Missions each 5th Sunday.

Mail all donations to CMBSC of Arkansas, Inc., P.O. Box 34130Little Rock, Arkansas 72203.Frederick S. Anthony, ChairmanJ. Y. Williams, Jr., Executive Secretary
Report from the NBC Mid-Winter Board


J. Y. Williams

The Foreign Mission Board is hard at work providing financial support, and spiritual outpouring by those called to support or serve foreign missionary work.The support we receive allows us to continue building churches, schools, and outreach ministries, in developing nations—touching some of the most remote places in the world.


Baptist conventions in Arkansas to help build African wells